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CFAL3 - 2019 not updated

Dear Admin,

The material added to the website especially for CFAL3 is incomplete for the 2019 exam. All material is rolled over from 2018 that we already had from last year membership. This year there are 6 new readings in CFAL3 2019 that we are still waiting to get added to this website otherwise this VIP membership will become complete useless for the re takers. Wiley 2019, FinQuiz 2019, Qbank 2019, Mock exams 2019... not added.

Hoping you will help us adding new material. Thanks!

There have psot Wiley 2019, FinQuiz 2019, Qbank 2019

Mock exams 2019 not available now
if i get it i will post the forum as soon as possible



Truly appreciate your help. Thanks a lot.


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