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What is the difference between CFA and CA

The CFA course is a professional course which can be pursued after completing your graduation. The CFA Program, offered by the CFA Institute, is a globally recognized, graduate level curriculum that provides skills required for a rewarding career in the investment industry.

The CFA Program Certification has three levels and requires a minimum of two years to complete. Becoming a CFA Program Charter involves thorough knowledge of the CFA curriculum, 48 months of acceptable professional work experience and passing all three levels.

After your graduation from the Commerce field you can register for the course with CFA institute US or CFA ICFAI University to pursue this course in India.

The international CFA course is a graduate level course and to attain this Charter a student should undergo three levels of exams.

1. level I (held in June and December every year)
2. Level II (held in June every year)
3. Level III (held in June every year)

Difference between CFA and CA course:

CFA is about working as financial analyst, especially in investment firms, wherein you analyse and make reports on investments, capital etc.,

CA is about accounting principles, wherein you learn to audit and scrutinise all accounting transactions of a company or individual.

CFA is conducted by CFA Institute, USA and is a global certification programme. There are similar programs done by local universities in India.

CA is conducted only by ICAI, New Delhi, which has branches in all major cities and towns.
CFA is an international finance qualification for jobs in investment banking & corporate finance. It is awarded by the CFA Institute, USA and valid worldwide.

CA is a local, Indian qualification awarded by the ICAI, and is more-or-less recognized for jobs within the country (taxation, accounting, corporate investment, etc.)

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