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1. AdvancedCalculus with Applications in Statistics
2.A History of Probability and Statistics and Their Applications before 1750
3.Markov Decision Processes: Discrete Stochastic Dynamic Programming
4.Probability and Statistical Inference
5.Continuous Univariate Distributions, Vol. 1
6.Continuous Univariate Distributions, Vol. 2
7.The Theory of Measures and Integration
8.Robust Statistics: Theory and Methods
9.Finite Mixture Models
10.Generalized, Linear, and Mixed Models
11.Statistics of Extremes: Theory and Applications
12.Modes of Parametric Statistical Inference
13.Univariate Discrete Distributions
14.Contemporary Bayesian Econometrics and Statistics
15.Approximation Theorems of Mathematical Statistics
16.Image Processing and Jump Regression Analysis
17.Operational Risk : Modeling Analytics
18.Design and Analysis of Experiments, Introduction to Experimental Design
19.Introductory Biostatistics for the Health Sciences: Modern ApplicationsIncluding Bootstrap
20.Linear Models in Statistics
21.Statistics for Research
22.Applied Logistic Regression
23.Operational Subjective Statistical Methods: A Mathematical, Philosophical,and Historical Introduction
24.Probability and Measure, 2nd Edition
25.Theory of Preliminary Test and Stein-Type Estimation with Applications
26.The EM Algorithm and Extensions
27.The Theory of Response-Adaptive Randomization in Clinical Trials
28.Models for Probability and Statistical Inference: Theory and Applications
29.Applied Life Data Analysis
30.Structural Equation Modelling: A Bayesian Approach
31.Bootstrap Methods: A Guide for Practitioners and Researchers
32.Nonparametric Analysis of Univariate Heavy-Tailed Data: Research andPractice
33.Applied Linear Regression, 3rd edition
34.Theory of Probability: A Critical Introductory Treatment
35.Financial Derivatives in Theory and Practice
36.Quantitative Methods in Population Health: Extensions of Ordinary Regression
37.Statistical Methods for Survival Data Analysis
38.Applied Bayesian Modelling
39.Spatial Statistics, 2004-08
40.Approximate Dynamic Programming: Solving the Curses of Dimensionality
41.Variance Components
42.Time Series: Applications to Finance
43.Generalized Least Squares
44.Statistical Analysis With Missing Data
45.Long-Memory Time Series: Theory and Methods
46.Statistical Models and Methods for Lifetime Data
47.Uncertainty Analysis with High Dimensional Dependence Modelling
48.Simulation and the Monte Carlo Method
49.A Matrix Handbook for Statisticians
50.Meta Analysis: A Guide to Calibrating and Combining Statistical Evidence
51.Precedence-Type Tests and Applications
52.Statistical Meta-Analysis with Applications
53.Management of Data in Clinical Trials
54.Periodically Correlated Random Sequences: Spectral Theory and Practice
55.Design and Analysis of Experiments, Advanced Experimental Design
56.Methods and Applications of Linear Models : Regression and the Analysis ofVariance
57.Combinatorial Methods in Discrete Distributions
58.Nonparametric Regression Methods for Longitudinal Data Analysis:Mixed-Effects Modeling Approaches
59.Response Surfaces, Mixtures, and Ridge Analyses
60.Variations on Split Plot and Split Block Experiment Designs
61.Recent Advances in Quantitative Methods in Cancerand Human Health Risk Assessment
62.The Construction of Optimal Stated Choice Experiments: Theory and Methods
63.Nonparametric Density Estimation: The L1 View
64.Applied MANOVA and Discriminant Analysis
65.Survey Errors and Survey Costs
66.Statistical Advances in the Biomedical Sciences: Clinical Trials,Epidemiology, Survival Analysis, and Bioinformatics
67.Latent Curve Models: A Structural Equation Perspective
68.Regression Diagnostics: Identifying Influential Data and Sources ofCollinearity
69.Reliability and Risk: A Bayesian Perspective
70.Environmental Statistics
71.Bayes Linear Statistics, Theory & Methods
72.Introductory Stochastic Analysis for Finance and Insurance
73.Bayesian Models for Categorical Data
74.Bayesian Statistical Modelling
75.Weibull Models
76.Analysis of Financial Time Series
77.Linear Model Theory: Univariate, Multivariate, and Mixed Models
78.An Introduction to Categorical Data Analysis
79.Bayesian Statistics and Marketing
80.Statistical Shape Analysis
81.Nonparametric Statistics with Applications to Science and Engineering
82.Longitudinal Data Analysis
83.Regression Models for Time Series Analysis
84.Introduction to Nonparametric Regression
85.Statistical Modeling by Wavelets
86.Case Studies in Reliability and Maintenance
87.The Geometry of Random Fields
88.Biostatistics : A Methodology For the Health Sciences
89.Planning, Construction, and Statistical Analysis of Comparative Experiments
90.Statistical Size Distributions in Economics and Actuarial Sciences
91.Modern Experimental Design
92.Comparative Statistical Inference
93.Methods of Multivariate Analysis
94.Robust Statistics
95.Order Statistics
96.Fourier Analysis of Time Series : An Introduction
97.Spatial Statistics 1981-04
98.Clinical Trials : A Methodologic Perspective
99.Numerical Issues in Statistical Computing for the Social Scientist
100.Nonlinear Regression
101.Preparing for the Worst : Incorporating Downside Risk in Stock MarketInvestments
102.Nonlinear Regression Analysis and Its Applications
103.Mixed Models : Theory and Applications
104.Discrete Distributions : Applications in the Health Sciences
105.Design and Analysis of Clinical Trials : Concepts and Methodologies
106.Applied Bayesian Modeling and Causal Inference from Incomplete-DataPerspectives
107.Flowgraph Models for Multistate Time-?–to-Event Data
108.Randomization in Clinical Trials: Theory and Practice
109.Regression With Social Data: Modeling Continuous and Limited ResponseVariables
110.Regression Analysis by Example
111.Categorical Data Analysis
112.Statistical Methods for Reliability Data
113.Elements of Stochastic Processes Wit
114.Random Graphs for Statistical Pattern Recognition
115.Construction and Assessment of Classification Rules
116.The Statistical Analysis of Failure Time Data
117.Statistical Analysis of Finite Mixture Distributions
118.Modern Applied U-Statistics
119.Applied Multiway Data Analysis

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